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Unshackled Ventures sponsors visas and provides full immigration support. We accelerate your immigration journey so you can focus on building your business.

Our track record so far (updated for Q1'22)


Immigrant founders

We have supported through their immigrant journey


Immigration categories

Used for filings: E3, EB1, H1B, H4, J1, L1, O1, OPT, PERM, and TN


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Total enterprise value of our investments



In securing a solution for our portfolio companies



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Jobs created

Jobs created by the companies in our portfolio

We invest in visionary U.S. immigrants. 
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Whether you're on a student visa, a work visa, carrying a green card or a brand new US citizen, we've built the best place for immigrants to launch a company. It’s never too early for us.

Our founders represent all 6 continents and 32 countries


Of our investments has been alongside the incorporation of the business


Of our portfolio led by a female founder

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For every $1M we invested, our companies have raised $26.2M more

What makes us unique

We believe U.S. immigrants possess incredible entrepreneurial talent, and could change the world if given the opportunity to focus more on their vision and less on immigration.

That's why at Unshackled Ventures, we make immigration counsel part of our founding team. We secure the necessary work-authorization and permanent residency for our founders at no cost—because we see it as a vital part of our investment.

We're on a mission to create 100,000 American jobs

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Case story

From H1B to EB-1 Permanent Residency

Prateek Joshi was born in India and came to the US for higher-education. After graduating from USC and working in Silicon Valley for 4 years, he was ready to start his applied-AI company. However, his H1B visa status required him to work for an employer.

Unshackled invested in the startup, and hired Prateek (sponsored his visa), allowing him to focus exclusively on building his team and software solution. Alongside, our immigration team worked with him on actions that would make him O1 eligible which aligned with growth of his startup (e.g., publishing books & papers, speaking at conferences, judging startup pitches, competing for and winning awards, etc.). As the company started growing, he received his O1. Immediately, the immigration team started his Extraordinary Ability EB1 petition, which was prepared, filed and approved in less than six months, unshackling him from visas.


— backed by Unshackled Ventures

Case story

From F1/OPT to EB-1 Permanent Residency

Andrej Danko was born and raised in Slovakia. He completed a PhD in Applied Computer Science in Slovakia and worked at SAP in Slovakia and the US. Subsequently, Andrej went to MIT for his MBA, where he met his co-founders and started a company while on OPT.

Unshackled led the pre-seed round, and our immigration team immediately initiated his O1 petition (a previous petition of his was denied). The O1 petition was successful, and was followed by an EB1 green card which has allowed Andrej and his spouse to stay in the US, build startups solving hard problems, and create jobs.


— backed by Unshackled Ventures


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