Here for the undervalued, under leveraged, underrated & unknown

meet the team

Manan, Samala, Alexis, Nitin, E'mani, Elisabeth

— Unshackled Ventures

We've started companies as immigrants—we get it. Our journeys inspired us to create Unshackled Ventures so that we could remove the bottlenecks of immigration and amplify your superpowers. 

Our values:

People first

High trust, high integrity relationship are our number one.

Trust & Respect

We trust in our teammates. We respect divergent views, even in disagreement.


Communicating openly and directly, even (especially!) when there is disagreement or tension is crucial to growth.


We are perennial learners and maintain a steep learning curve.

Generosity & Kindness

We believe we produce our best work when we come from a place of abundance.


It is our responsibility to treat everyone in our community as equals and to level the playing field by minimizing or, ideally, eliminating biases, systemic or otherwise.


We believe in fair play. We also believe that friendly, good-spirited competition makes us better at the things that matter to us.


We surround ourselves with people that know joy is crucial.

In the media

The world is talking about immigrant founders and the importance of what we do for them

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