Our 2030 manifesto. A look forward.

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Our letter to you

When we started Unshackled eight years ago, mapping out our future wasn’t so easy. That’s because from the very beginning, we weren’t your typical VC. If you compare us to other investors, especially those in Silicon Valley, it’ll be obvious; our backgrounds are different; our stories are different; and quite frankly, we look different.

We're proud of that.

Unshackled turned eight years old in 2023, and in eight from then, the year will be 2030. At this milestone, we wanted to take a moment to step back, share our story, and re-introduce you to who we are. This piece is not just for our current community of founders, partners, investors and collaborators — it’s for the folks who don’t know us at all. It lays out what we stand for, what it’s like to partner with us, where we’re from, and most importantly — where we’re headed. Every day, we are lucky to support some of the brightest and courageous founders working today. They’ve come to us from 32 countries (and counting...), and every conceivable background. They show up with a story and a pitch, and it’s our job to help them write their next chapter as leaders and entrepreneurs.Thanks for taking a moment to read ours.

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We invest in visionary U.S. immigrants. 
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